Alumni Spotlight: Alexander Wells

Publication date: 
June 10, 2014
SDYS Bassoonist 2007-13 - Principal Bassoonist 2012-2013

 This month we caught up with Alumni Alexander Wells who has created a new App with his college roommate that generates sheet music for sight reading practice. Learn about this App and what he's been up to since leaving SDYS here:

 What inspired you to make this App? 
I felt musicians were lacking training in sight reading. This App gives you unlimited opportunities to generate and practice sight-reading music to give you an "edge" during auditions. 

Who do you think would find it useful? 
Any musician who needs to improve their sight reading to prepare for auditions. The levels can be set for any instrument and any level, and now has an "audition mode" to replicate a real audition experience.

Do you plan to continue to develop innovative projects as a career?

There are plans to create a subscription based music writing App. This would assist composers and musicians who need accompanying parts. I plan to continue to write original musical compositions and develop music Apps that assist the next generation of musicians.

Have you continued to play music after SDYS? 
I am currently playing as second bassoon in the UC Davis symphony orchestra in my first year at UC Davis. I'm too busy with college courses for my Political Science major to pursue any further performance opportunities at this time. However, I do plan on playing music throughout my life.  


Tell us about the work you published? 
These pieces were written for the International Double Reed Society (IDRS) annual conference in 2013. They were performed at the conference at Redlands College. They are chamber pieces; a bassoon quartet entitled Granules, and a double reed ensemble called Tango Condensado for English Horn, 2 Bassoons, and 2 Oboes. They are currently available from Trevco Music. These are also available now for purchase.
Here is the link to their site:

If you could tell a young SDYS musician one thing you learned while participating in SDYS, what would you tell them? 

Pay attention during rehearsal and take notes on your parts. This does not change as you change levels. Also, practice as much as you can. You won't ever regret it. 

What is you favorite memory from SDYS?

The concerts at Copley and other venues, hanging-out with the other musicians. My best friends are still my fellow musicians in orchestra.

The sight reading App Sightfeeder is now available on the App store:

Please feel free to contact Alex Wells for further information at