Board & Staff


2012 Grand Prize Winner of BoardSource's Prudential Leadership Awards
for Exceptional Nonprofit Boards

Executive Committee

Board Committee Members

Mark Bennett, Chair
Ernie Smith, Governance Vice Chair
Anni Lipper, Strategic Advancement Vice Chair 
June Shillman, Strategic Advancement Vice Chair
Dr. Edward Abeyta, Community Relations Vice Chair
Gene Summ, Corporate Relations Vice Chair
Ellen Turnage Doty, Programs Vice Chair
Bernie Kulchin, Secretary
Abdul Chohan, Treasurer

Katherine Chapin
Weilynn Chiang
Eric Cohen
Griselda Delgado
John Lipsey
Patricia McQuater
Archie Palencia
Eli Shefter
Joel Sollender
Jeanette Stevens
Shankar Subramaniam

Advisory Council

These community leaders assist the Board of Directors, President & CEO and Music Director of the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory with expertise and enthusiasm to advance the organizational mission and vision.
Marvin Levine, Chair
Larry Hoeksema, Architects Mosher Drew Watson Ferguson
Maurice Kawashima
Peter Manes
Larry Scott
Matt Weil


Dalouge Smith


Jeff Edmons

Administrative Staff     

Production Staff

Amber Joy Weber, Deputy Director 
Wade Sherman, External Relations Director
Jane Merrill, Institutional Giving Manager
Lucy Coker, Communications Coordinator
Terry Williams, Development Coordinator
Sean Laperruque, Accounting Assistant

Ted Moore, Production and Operations Manager

Charlie Perkes, Instrument Librarian
Kyle John Blase, Production Assistant
Max S. Carreon, III, Production Assistant
Orlando Elias, Production Assistant
Jackie Valentine, Production Assistant
Ryan Welsh, Production Assistant

Conservatory Program Staff

Community Program Staff

Dr. Sidney Yin, Associate Director
   of Conservatory Programs

Kyle Henning, Conservatory Program Coordinator
Rebecca Matayoshi, Music Librarian
Cecilia Vega, Program Assistant 

Anthony Do-Hoon Kim, Conductor
Chris Lea, Conductor
Juan Cristóbal Palacios, Conductor
Adam Pezdek, Conductor
Ulli Reiner, Conductor

Ruben Hernandez, Percussion Coach
Carol Pelkner, Percussion Coach
Ryan Welsh, Music Theory Instructor 

Annette Fritzsche, Community Program Manager
Kaitlyn Korogy, Opus Coordinator
Ruben Hernandez, Community Program Assistant 

Lowri Casimiro, Community Teaching Artist
Orlando Elias, Community Teaching Artist
Deborah Harrington, Community Teaching Artist
Marc Keehmer, Community Teaching Artist
Zoe Kumagai, Community Teaching Artist
Sean Laperruque, Community Teaching Artist
Shuang Liang, Community Teaching Artist
Mario Miragliotta, Community Teaching Artist
Lara Moore, Community Teaching Artist*
Susana Obando Barquero, Community Teaching Artist*
Sharon Ormsbee, Community Teaching Artist
Charlie Perkes, Community Teaching Artist
Adam Pezdek, Community Teaching Artist
Flavia Pisco, Community Teaching Artist
Tyler Richardson, Community Teaching Artist*