Encore! 2014 SDYS Annual Scholarship Fundraiser

200 Scholarships Funded!

On Saturday, May 3, Honorary Co-Chairs Arthur and Anni Lipper and Al and Armi Williams hosted SDYS' annual scholarship fundraiser, Encore!, in Balboa Park's Casa del Prado. One scholarship of $500 provides music education for one child for one year. Last year Encore proceeds funded more than double the previous year's number with 127 scholarships. This year the event was an even greater success with 200 scholarships funded! 
This unique event treated guests to a selection of wonderful musical entertainment by our Balboa Park ensembles, chamber groups, and Community Opus Project students; patrons sat side by side with the musicians as they rehearsed; and then enjoyed dinner and an enchanting final performance by SDYS' top musicians. 

This video, which previewed at Encore, gives an overview of how and why SDYS strives to make music education accessible and affordable for all through the Community Opus Project and the SDYS Balboa Park Programs.


If you have any questions, please contact Wade Sherman at wsherman@sdys.org or 619.233.3232 x116.




Encore! 2014 Photos by Ken Jacques

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